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Nov 11 Draw Program-click here


NOVEMBER 11, Time Event Cardston Agri-dome

Start Time 11am

**Under 18 years old-if you are under 18, please bring a copy of passport or

birth certificate to the office at the event, you can fill out the membership form at the event.

**There will be a concession onsite**

Order of Events:  Ladies Barrels, Junior Barrels, Lil Rascals, Tie Down Roping, Ladies Breakaway, Junior Breakaway, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Junior Team Roping.

NOTE:  In the Barrel Racing we will run half of the Ladies, half of the Juniors, half of the Lil Rascals, then TRACTOR the ground, then run the 2nd half of the Ladies, 2nd half of the Juniors and 2nd half of the Lil Rascals.  We did this to give the horses a fair rest and give those that are running 2 different horses time to get ready.  We will still rake after every 5 listed on the program.  If you have entered twice you should have a run in the first and second half.  If I have not got you split, please email me at [email protected]

First 4 Ladies Barrel Racers:  Barrel Duties take down eyes, and return clock box to the timer box in the office, take off barrel wraps and return to barrel bag.

Last 4 Ladies Barrel Racers:  Barrel Duties set up eyes and barrels, and make sure  clock is working, put on barrel wraps.

If you have been missed in the draw, please email [email protected] with the error by November 2, 5pm.

Please email a head shot and membership form to the office by November 3, to have your membership card at the November