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Canada, T0K 1V0
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Photo credits: Dalton Photography and Wildwood Imagery
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Start Time 11AM

APRIL 14- Order of Events:  Ladies Barrel Racing, Junior Barrel Racing, Lil Rascals, Calf Roping, Breakaway, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Jr. Team Roping

We would appreciate any help throughout the day as theses rodeos are produced by the Chinook Rodeo Association.  We look forward to see you all there!

If there is an error, please contact the office via email

NOTE:  In the Barrel Racing we will run half of the Ladies, half of the Juniors, half of the Lil Rascals, then TRACTOR the ground, then run the 2nd half of the Ladies, 2nd half of the Juniors and 2nd half of the Lil Rascals.  We did this to give the horses a fair rest and give those that are running 2 different horses time to get ready.  We will still rake after every 5 listed on the program.  If you have entered twice you should have a run in the first and second half.  If I have not got you split, please email me at


**April 14, Cardston Timed Event–Arena will be open until 10:45am, for barrel horses to warm, no other horses, other then the ones competing in the barrel racing to be in the arena at this time.  After the barrel racing is over, there will be a 20 minute warm up for the cattle timed events.  No other horses, then the ones competing in the cattle timed events to be in the arena at this time.  Thank you in advance.**


Ladies Barrels
1 Allie Lait Barrel Duties take down eyes, and return clock box to the timer box in the office, take off barrel wraps and return to barrel bag.
2 Trina Marshall Barrel Duties take down eyes, and return clock box to the timer box in the office, take off barrel wraps and return to barrel bag.
3 Shay Amen
4 Della Bowyer
5 Liane Poeltz
6 Charlene Coyne
7 Cariann Breaton
8 Rae Ann Knudsen
9 Cheri Nelson
10 Courtney Oldham
11 Brittany Beyer
12 Kristen Nickolson
13 Lindsay Beach
14 Brandy Vogt
15 Jessica Fitzhenry
16 Debbie Knudsen
17 Jocelyn Wilson
18 Alana Riva
19 Yana Aitken Barrel Rep that person is required to have their own tapes, stakes, flagging tape, etc., mark pattern and put on Barrel Marker Sheet, return barrel marker sheet to office.
20 Jody Pancoast
21 Haley Schlenker
22 Ally Kielstra
23 Brooklyn Hagel
24 Aurea Munro
25 Jayden Wilson
26 Chrissy Kielstra
27 Marci Wilson
28 Kayla Lynn
29 Madison Aitken
30 Jordan Fitzhenry
31 Dana Smith
32 Lynn McGonigle
33 Tracy Curran
34 Tammy Hamilton
35 Justina Beauchesne End of 1 Half
36 Brittany Beyer
37 Debbie Knudsen
38 Cariann Breaton
39 Trina Marshall
40 Allie Lait
41 Charlene Coyne
42 Jayden Wilson
43 Lynn McGonigle
44 Dana Smith
45 Liane Poeltz
46 Jocelyn Wilson
47 Marci Wilson
48 Justina Beauchesne
49 Della Bowyer
50 Jessica Fitzhenry
51 Alana Riva
52 Chrissy Kielstra
53 Shay Amen
54 Cheri Nelson
55 Lindsay Beach
56 Tracy Curran
57 Madison Aitken
58 Jordan Fitzhenry
59 Tammy Hamilton
60 Jody Pancoast
61 Ally Kielstra
62 Haley Schlenker
63 Yana Aitken
64 Aurea Munro
65 Rae Ann Knudsen
66 Brooklyn Hagel Barrel Duties set up eyes, and make sure  clock is working, put on barrel wraps
67 Brandy Vogt  Barrel Duties set up eyes, and make sure  clock is working, put on barrel wraps
Junior Barrels
1 Montana Aitken
2 Trista Mitchell
3 Lily Wilson
4 DJ Liptak
5 Ashley Coyne
6 Janae Wilson
7 Teagan Ferguson
8 Raegan Lichtenberger
9 Kayce Liptak
10 Vanessa Moorhead
11 Kaylee Moorhead End of 1st Half
12 DJ Liptak
13 Janae Wilson
14 Lily Wilson
15 Vanessa Moorhead
16 Kayce Liptak
17 Teagan Ferguson
18 Kaylee Moorhead
19 Ashley Coyne
20 Trista Mitchell
21 Montana Aitken
22 Raegan Lichtenberger
Lil Rascals
1 Shay Wilms
2 Kodi Ralph
3 Rylee Lichtenberger
4 Sadie Keeley
5 Lucy Smith
6 Erin Moorhead
7 Diezel Liptak
8 Mattie Keeley
9 Reese Lichtenberger
10 Quincee Ralph End of 1st Half
11 Sadie Keeley
12 Rylee Lichtenberger
13 Diezel Liptak
14 Kodi Ralph
15 Shay Wilms
16 Mattie Keeley
17 Lucy Smith
18 Quincee Ralph
19 Erin Moorhead
20 Reese Lichtenberger
Calf Roping
1 Logan Bird
2 Dave Heaton
3 Jeff Heggie
4 Lynn Turcato
5 Clark Hughson
6 Logan Hofer
7 Kelly Creasy
8 Everett Morton
9 Justin Hatch
10 Justin Heggie
11 Dusty Mandel
12 Everett Morton
13 Kelly Creasy
14 Logan Hofer
15 Logan Bird
16 Jeff Heggie
17 Dave Heaton
18 Dusty Mandel
19 Lynn Turcato
20 Clark Hughson
Breakaway Roping
1 Mike Miller
2 Chase Kellett
3 Chrissy Kielstra
4 Kaylee Moorhead
5 Levi Bowyer
6 Bayne Wilson
7 Chase Kellett
8 Mike Miller
9 Chrissy Kielstra
10 Kaylee Moorhead
11 Levi Bowyer
12 Bayne Wilson
Steer Wrestling
1 Otys Little Mustache
2 Kash Shade
3 Blake Newton
4 Taylor Hays
5 Dakota Giesbrecht
6 Chance Bohmer
7 Otys Little Mustache
8 Blake Newton
9 Brennan Watson
10 Kash Shade
11 Chance Bohmer
12 Dakota Giesbrecht
Team Roping
1 Mike Lievers/Lucas Michalsky
2 Murry McGonigle/Dallas Bull
3 Jeff Heggie/Scott Siemens
4 Doug Wilson/Monty Bowyer
5 Kelly Creasy/Kole Dolgopol
6 Mike Miller/Bayne Wilson
7 Travis Kellett/Chase Kellett
8 Rick Smith/Austin Aleman
9 Abe Peters/Mike Smith
10 Mike Lievers/Chance Bohmer
11 Logan Hubek/Harvey Anderson
12 Mike Miller/Chase Kellett
13 Kelly Creasy/Lynn Turcato
14 Jeff Heggie/Justin Heggie
15 Abe Peters/Scott Siemens
16 Doug Wilson/Bayne Wilson
17 Travis Kellett/Mike Smith
18 Monty Bowyer/Levi Bowyer
19 Murry McGonigle/Lucas Michalsky
Jr. Team Roping
1 Bayne Wilson/Levi Bowyer
2 Mike Miller/Chase Kellett
3 Kaylee Moorhead/Vanessa Moorhead
4 Mike Miller/Bayne Wilson
5 Kaylee Moorhead/Chase Kellett